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Is County Line Cottages a 55+ Community


Can you buy a park home from County Line Cottages?

All homes are owner occupied and can be purchased through Casey Robinson who is a dealer with Platinum Cottages and Highland Lakes Tiny Homes. Please contact Casey at (512) 535-8980.
There are no short term rentals in County Line Cottages.

What does the rent include?

Individuals purchase their homes and rent their lot in the community. Rent includes water, sewer, and trash. Electricity and internet are not included. An internet tower is on the property.

What is a park model home?

Park Model homes, also known as recreational park trailers, are built on a single chassis mounted on wheels. They are no larger than 400 square feet and are built in compliance with ANSI housing standards. These models are sheet rocked, taped and floated, have double paned windows, full size appliances and hardwood cabinetry. Every Park Model built to these rigorous RV standards will bear a blue and gold RVIA seal certifying that the manufacturer has complied with the requirements of these quality standards. These are higher standards than most Stick Built homes today. Park Model RVs differ from "tiny homes" because tiny homes follow much more lenient housing standards.

Do park home owners pay property tax on their home?

These are being taxed in Burnet county if the area resting on the frame exceeds 399 square feet, regardless of porch size. Should you build a structure (such as a carport) in which the county deems a permanent fixture, park home owners will be liable for the property tax on it and will pass it on to the occupants of that space.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. We love and allow well behaved indoor residing pets. All Pets must be approved by the owners. No aggressive breeds are allowed by our insurer. Pets must be under direct supervision at all time while out of doors whether on a leash or an enclosure. Pet owners must bag and dispose of all feces regardless to location on the property. Pets must be confined to the street, off landscaping of any kind that installed and maintained by residents other than their own. Physical Fences are allowed with approval from the owners, to maintain the look of the community.

Is High Speed internet available?

Yes, there is an SOS internet tower on the property. Plans include speeds up to 50 megabits down and 14 megabits up.

Are storage units available?

10x12 and 12x15 storage units are on the property and are available at an additional cost.

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